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Grant Schemes

Euroconsultants Bulgaria S.A. AD has extensive experience in proposals preparation for public institutions and private companies under the following grant schemes, financed with European funds: 
  • Operational Programme "Competitiveness"  
    • Priority Axis 1 "Development of a knowledge-based economy and innovation activities": Grant scheme "Support for the adoption of innovative products, processes and supply of innovative services"
    • Priority Axis 2 "Increasing the efficiency of enterprises and promoting supportive business environment": Grant scheme "Technological modernization in small and medium-sized enterprises"
  • Operational Programme "Regional Development"
    • Priority Axis 1 “Sustainable and integrated urban development”: Grant scheme „Support for improvement of the urban environment”
    • Priority Axis 3 “Sustainable development of tourism”: Grant scheme „Support for the development of natural, cultural and historical attractions”
    • Priority Axis 4 “Local development and co-operation”: Grant scheme “Support for trans-regional cooperation and transfer of best practices”
  • Cross-Border Cooperation Programme between Greece and Bulgaria
For more information about the currently opened grant schemes under the Operational Programmes in Bulgaria and under the Rural Areas Developemtn Programme, click here. ( - .pdf, 287KB)